Looking for a company for work practice before leaving college has been a necessary experience of all undergraduates, even for foreign students. However, do you know that some foreign students are now favoring to take work practice in Chinese companies? There are already quite a few here in Zhuhai.
Our reporters found Long He, a French student in the Longshen Company in the Xiangzhou Science and Technology Industrial Zone. He is an energetic 21 year old guy.
With fluent spoken Chinese, he is very suitable to take up work practice in a Chinese company. His daily work is to look for and contact foreign customers
His active working attitude makes his boss very pleased. Foreign students can learn about Chinese culture in Chinese companies and will on the other hand bring new ideas from industrialized countries to the Chinese companies. The Longshen Company has now had over 10 foreign students since 1998. In just one months time, Long will end his work practice and go back to France to continue his studies, but before leaving, he will find another foreign student to replace himself.